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Exciting times ahead as Made in Yorkshire gets a rebrand

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Exciting times are ahead for Made in Yorkshire as the organisation ramps up its support for Yorkshire’s dynamic manufacturing community and in doing so, strengthen its national profile.

Underpinning the strategy, the organisation has undergone a rebrand to reflect its new standing as the voice of manufacturing in Yorkshire, as well as to establish it as an integral part of the Made In Group.

Jason Pitt, CEO, Made In Group, said: “In positioning Made in Yorkshire as the foremost voice of manufacturing in Yorkshire we wanted a brand that defined where we are and what we want to achieve in the future.

“We also wanted to promote MIY as an integral part of the overall Made In Group and in doing so, strengthen our national profile and position the group as a national champion for the manufacturing industry.”

The new branding will be evident at the MIY Expo, which takes place at Leeds United’s Elland Road stadium on May 17, and will become more recognised as further MIY events are rolled out.

MIY is of course, the sister brand to Made in the Midlands, which is more established arm of the organisation.

Made in the Midlands was established as a membership body in 2009 following the successful editorial campaign of the same name. Since its early days, it has grown into multiple regions and also has a presence in London where it campaigns on behalf of the regional industry.

The Made In Group sees a rapidly changing manufacturing landscape which needs to be matched with equal levels of innovation in order to meet evolving challenges such as the uncertainty posed by Brexit, digital disruption in the manufacturing space and mounting international competition, which threatens the position of British industry.

Mr Pitt added: “We must not be complacent or assume our engineering capacity is safe. As an organisation we hold to the ethos of hard work, innovation and a recognition of the important role performed by everyone within the manufacturing community as well as those in the wider community.

“We have engaged with members to create what we believe is a fast response to these challenges and our rebrand reflects our seriousness in ensuring our image matches British industry aspirations and the needs of the country.”

Members will start to see the unveiling of the new Made In brand over the coming weeks and months.

“Hopefully the new Union Jack-themed logo will become as iconic as our flag of St George was.”

The rebrand was devised in collaboration with Steve Watson of West Midlands design agency, eleven10 Creative.

The brand has been developed to be recognisable across all of our brands, create consistency and embody some of the key beliefs of the group.

“Britain has always had an awkward relationship with patriotism and the flag of St George was seen by some as having a political context, which it didn’t,” said Mr Pitt.

“Despite this awkwardness we wanted to maintain the inherent Britishness of our manufacturing industries. What we have devised is a logo that evokes the national identity but is inclusive and positive.