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Ewe herd it here first - Marketing best practice shared by MIY Members during working group on Harrison Spinks farm

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Harrison Spinks one of the UK’s leading luxury bed manufacturers and supplier of quality components to the furniture, footwear and automotive industries welcomed 15 Made in Yorkshire marketeers to its Farm site last week. The group discussed marketing in the manufacturing sector and covered the use of CRM’s, internal communication and new digital marketing trends. Best practice was shared, common mistakes highlighted and new app’s were discovered by all. 

The CRM portion of the afternoon was spent reviewing and discussing the various CRM’s (or lack of) currently in use at each others companies. It was highlighted by all that a CRM is only as good as the data collected and needs to see consistent use by all employees. Encouraging a whole company to use a system the same way can be a struggle.

During the topic of internal communications the group shared their best practice which spanned across team meetings, newsletters, instant messengers, coaching, videos, training and many more opportunities to engage employees. 

To end the session we looked at digital marketing trends. Quick, easy and effective tips for social media use were presented alongside the powerful technique of story telling. It became apparent that showcasing staff and stories could sometimes be more impactful than product or service information. A couple of ‘100% wouldn’t recommend doing this’ tips were given during this discussion too. 

The next Marketing Working Group will be held in September. If you would like any more information on the next event or to receive the minutes for this session, please contact