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10 Reasons why Yorkshire is Great

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To celebrate #YorkshireDay, we wanted to share why Yorkshire is so special and some of the best things to come out of Yorkshire.

1) It’s big on making things - Yorkshire leads the way in the UK for manufacturing output with the sector contributing over 15% to regions economy, compared with the average of 10.8% for the UK.

2) Keeping the roads safe - The ‘catseye’ reflective road stud was invented by Percy Shaw of Halifax. Amazing how such a small invention has potentially saved thousands of lives since being deployed on our roads.

3) The best food and drink - Everyone loves a Yorkshire pudding, but it’s not just these that comes from here. Wensleydale cheese, Party Rings and KitKats come from Yorkshire, plus enough different types of real ale to have a new pint every day for six months!

4) Stainless steel - Used in manufacturing processes all over the world and in products we now use every day, was discovered by Harry Brearley in Sheffield in 1913, hence why Sheffield later became known as the city for stainless steel production.

5) It produces sportsmen and women like now other place - If Yorkshire had entered the 2012 Olympics as an independent country, it would have finished 12th thanks to the feats of the likes of Jessica Ennis and the Brownlee Brothers.

6) Lighthouses - Built in 1669, Flamborough Lighthouse at Flamborough Head is thought to be have been the first lighthouse built in England. There is still a lighthouse on the site, however the current one was built in 1806.

7) The true home of football - Sheffield FC is the oldest association football club in the world, founded in 1857 and has been recognised by FIFA and UEFA as the birthplace of club football.

8) Home of the toilet - A feat of engineering we all use! Joseph Bramah, souped up toilets so that they didn’t freeze over winter and went on to invent beer pumps and the hydraulic press. Another famous toilet designer, Thomas Crapper was also from here!

9) Rail prowess - The world’s first steam locomotive was made by Matthew Murray in Holbeck, Leeds, in 1790 and pioneered transport across the UK.

10) Aviation History - The oldest flying aeroplane in Britain – the Blackburn Type D – was built in Leeds by Cyril Foggin back in 1912.

That’s our list, what amazing things have come out of Yorkshire that you’re proud of? Tweet us @madeinyorks!